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Entrepreneur and Product Manager who believes that user centric design is the way to win the hearts of the customer. As founder and CEO of Stolen Couch Games he created games that adapted to the changing needs of the player base, by developing a dynamic monetization model to increase long tail. Secured vc investments and grew his company to 11 FTE. As an active member of the development community he organizes events and connects developers with each other. His background in games allows him to shape product that guide users towards specific goals.

Talespin / Sticky Studios 2017 — Ongoing

Product Manager / Senior Product Owner

Working as the Product Manager of the company to transition the team towards a customer driven product strategy. As the Senior Product Owner I'm responsible for owning the roadmap of multiple projects.


  • Launched multiple products used by millions of users.
  • Worked as a bridge between many disciplines in the company.
  • Help facilitate integration of multiple teams that now work together.

Stolen Couch Games 2010 — Ongoing

Founder, CEO, Product Owner

Game Development studio focusing on Games as a Service. Released titles such as Castaway Paradise and Castaway Home Designer. Responsible for all the designs of each product. Special attention for analytics driven KPI development.


  • Personally secured over €500.000 in VC investments
  • Released 6 multi platform games with millions of downloads
  • Created Games as a Service framework to reduce costs, increase LTV

Ronimo Games 2017

Consultant Product Manager

Helped Ronimo Games on improving the KPIs of their free to play game Awesomenauts. Helped with the implementation of analytics that will shape future design decisions. Reviewed upcoming features and made adjustments to them in order to improve KPIs. Special attention was given to the on boarding process.

Green Light Bundle 2012 — 2015


Created a company which sells bundled software for a pay what you want price. Promoting games to increase revenue for developers. I created the website which generated tens of thousands of sales. Acquired the distribution rights to dozens of games.

Vanguard Entertainment Group 2010


Worked as a QA specialist on a console game published by EA and developed by Vanguard Games. Learned how to do proper quality assurance and communicate problems with a team of 30+.

Ronimo Games 2009

Game Design Intern

Assisted the design of the early stages of development of a desktop/console game called Awesomenauts. Created levels and did balancing of the game.

Filmtheater 't Hoogt 2018 — Ongoing

Member of the Supervisory Board

I was asked to join the Supervisory Board to promote new technologies like AR and VR within the culture of the company.

Dutch Games Industry Slack 2015 — Ongoing


Founder of the community for game developers to exchange knowledge. Over 500 active members and growing.

Games as a Service / Free to Play meetups 2015 — Ongoing


Developers come together to listen to lectures and share all revealing information about the performance of their products.

Utrecht School of the Arts 2007 — 2011

Art & Technology

Product Management

  • Games as a Service
  • Multi platform design
  • Customer centric design


  • Agile
  • Problem Solver
  • Product Owner


  • Unity
  • Office
  • Jira


  • Gaming
  • Making coffee
  • Enjoying myself

Applied Technology

  • VR/AR/MR
  • Analytics
  • Blockchain


  • Business development
  • Networking
  • Minimalism

Eric has a clear image of what he wants to accomplish with his work. Strong minded, but never afraid to change plans if needed. He has an ability to quickly figure out complex things and thus a very good problem solver.

— Selma Oors, colleague Stolen Couch Games

Shepard Fairey - DAMAGED Mobile, Gear VR. Vive, Oculus

Product Owner

Together with Shepard Fairey and a fantastic team we recreated his DAMAGED exhibition in VR. Using photogrammetry and game technologies a photo realistic representation of his work was created.

Rampage VR Mobile, Desktop


Assisted the lead producer early on in the project. Also assisted the lead designer with the design of certain aspects of this VR title.

Geostorm Mobile, Desktop

Product Manager

Joined the development of this game near the end of the cycle. Overhauled the monetisation mechanics. Created the first time user experience flow with strong analytics integration.

Castaway Paradise Mobile, Desktop, Console

Designer, Product Owner

Free to play, subscription supported (and premium on some platforms) life simulator. Responsible for every part of the design.

Castaway Home Designer Mobile

Designer, Product Owner

Home decorator for specific audience I designed. Utilizing in-house framework to reduce development time.

Ichi Mobile, Desktop


One button puzzle game includes level editor with over 100.000 user made levels. Designed the product based of a prototype.

LETRZ Mobile, Facebook, Web


Word puzzle game for a 3rd party. Has turn based online multiplayer with social integrations. I was the designer for this work for hire assignment.

Kids vs Goblins Mobile, Mac

Designer, Product Owner

Casual action RPG where kids have to save their baby brother from the evil goblin king. Apple's Editors Choice. I was the product owner.

Chime Multiplayer Desktop


Worked with publisher Zoë Mode on their IP Chime. Designed 40+ multiplayer modes as a proof of concept.

Gatling Gears Consoles


Worked as a QA specialist on this action game. Worked with designers and programmers to get the game shipped in time.

Awesomenauts Desktop, Consoles

Designer, Advisor

Helped with the early stages of the development of this awesome MOBA. Worked on gameplay balancing and level design. In 2017 I came back to Ronimo to help the team improve the KPIs of the game.